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Why should buying or selling patents and other intellectual property be any more difficult than buying or selling other types of property? At TerraCaptus, we believe it shouldn't. That's why we've pioneered an on-line auction marketplace where intellectual property is bought and sold quickly, easily, and for high value.

About Our System

Our on-line auction system is the first of its kind, bringing buyers and sellers of intellectual property together as never before to maximize asset value and simplify intellectual property transfer. 

Browse our upcoming auctions, observe any auction in process, and register today to participate as a bidder in our on-line auctions free of charge.


Let Us Help You

We know the players in your industry and technology. We contact these individuals as potential bidders to help insure that the right parties are involved in your auction. Our proprietary auction database and notification system keeps us in contact with those most likely to bid for your intellectual property. Also, we use or patent pending software to investigate and contact other parties that may be interested in your intellectual property.


  • No fee for our services until your IP asset is sold
  • Proprietary system for identifying most likely purchasers of your IP asset
  • Direct contact and notice to multiple potential purchasers on your behalf
  • Maximize the value of your IP asset by increasing pool of bidders
  • Monetize your unused or under-utilized IP asset


  • Patent pending system for notifying you of IP assets relevant to your business
  • Customize your user profile to control when and how you are notified of IP assets for sale
  • Use our categorized IP auction listing to easily identify IP assets of interest
  • Quickly and easily bid for and purchase IP assets
  • Maintain your confidentiality as the winning bidder of IP at our auctions