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Japanese Patent No. JP5719489


Japanese Patent No. JP6454070

"Mock Camisole"

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Japanese Patent No. JP5719489 "w/English Translation" (click here to download)
Japanese Patent No. JP6454070 "w/English Translation" (click here to download)

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  • 5719489 & 6454070
  • BraNovations Inc.
  • JP5719489:The invention is directed to an accessory which is fabricated and shaped to cover the bosom area of body. It is particularly useful when applied to a brassiere showing a cleavage of a human body at a center thereof. The accessory, when applied to a brassiere will cover the cleavage area of a wearer to simulate an undergarment. The inventive accessory can be removed from the brassiere when the person is in a different social setting. The accessory can be fabricated from different materials but it is preferred to be stretchable so that it can be applied to differently sized brassieres and the accessory, additionally, can move with the movements of the wearer. It is preferred that the fabric of the accessory be doubled over so that most of the fastening elements do not touch the skin of the wearer which ads to the comfort of wearing the accessory
    JP6454070:A garment and brassiere accessory that is substantially triangular in shape having attachment straps extending outward from upper corners of the undergarment that may be looped around shoulder straps of a brassiere. In addition, a lower corner may be looped around a center portion of the brassiere. An upper band of preferably elastomeric material located along an upper edge of the undergarment keeps the undergarment securely against a woman\'s chest while being worn. The undergarment is preferably constructed from two layers of material, an outer layer and an inner layer so that the outer layer hides any wrinkles or indentations caused by the stress of the lower corner pulling on the inner layer while the undergarment is being worn. Additional features include extension straps that allow a user to adapt the undergarment to a larger chest and/or brassiere size or to wear the undergarment without a brassiere and detachable jewelry.