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U.S. Patent No. US7104052
Hydraulic cylinder with integrated accumulator


U.S. Patent No. US7124576
Hydraulic energy intensifier


U.S. Patent No. US7165395
Semi-active ride control for a mobile machine

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  • 7104052 & 7124576 & 7165395
  • John Deere
  • US7104052:A hydraulic cylinder assembly includes a hydraulic cylinder and an integral concentric accumulator. The hydraulic cylinder has a first piston surface for extending the cylinder, a second piston surface for retracting the cylinder and a third piston surface in dedicated communication with the accumulator.
    US7124576:Hydraulic circuits used to manipulate tools in, for example construction equipment, uses less power for a retraction of a hydraulic cylinder than for an extension of that cylinder. Provided is a hydraulic circuit that uses the stored energy from the low energy phase to lower the energy load on the hydraulic pump during the high energy phase. Energy from the hydraulic pump is increased during the low energy phase to increase the amount of stored hydraulic energy. The increased amount of stored energy is then used to intensify or add to the energy generated by the hydraulic pump for the high energy phase.
    US7165395:A system and method of achieving ride control for a work vehicle that replaces a traditional accumulator with a ride control valve, a directional control valve and a fluid pressure source. The fluid pressure source may be a variable displacement hydraulic pump. The ride control valve is set to a first relief pressure that allows fluid to flow from the head end of a hydraulic cylinder when the loading on the cylinder, i.e., the pressure in the head end is equal to or greater than the first relief pressure. A work tool of the vehicle falls from a first position to a second position when fluid flows from the head end. The ride control valve is then reset to a second relief pressure, higher than the first relief pressure and sufficient to move the work tool toward the first position. Afterwards, the directional control valve is opened long enough to allow fluid from the fluid pressure source to enter the head end and move the work tool back to approximately the first position. The ride control valve may be dynamically adjusted.
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